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We are an enthusiastic group of researchers at Philipps-University Marburg. We combine methods from Experimental Psychology, Computer Graphics, and Clinical Psychology to study basic mechanisms of mental disorders and to improve treatments.


Experimental research on the development and maintenance of specific fears

In this DFG-funded project, we are investigating the influence of biological motion on the acquisition and maintenance of specific phobias.

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Psychotherapy research

We are interested in psychotherapy research and particularly in Translational Psychological Treatments. 

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Digital applications in e-mental health

We are currently investigating the influence of a gamified app in the treatment of spider phobia. In addition, we developed an open-access, software-based online BAT for researchers and practitioners to easily capture avoidance behavior.

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Health service research

We are interested how best to care for people with mental distress. Currently, we investigate preferences of stepped-care interventions by the general population as well as at-risk populations.

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