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A warm welcome to ArachnophobiaRelief!
Today is your first day as an intern in our zoo. We are very happy that you will help us and stay with us for the next week(s). You will look after our spiders – please take very good care of them!
Each day, you will care for our spiders by completing different tasks in the morning and in the evening. Before each task, we will explain it to you in detail, and you will receive “zoo coins” if you’re successful.“
"Yay, our spiders are getting offspring! Help us hatching the eggs. Tap on the eggs and hatch as many as possible."
"Please watch our spiders grow. Concentrate on the spider. When you notice that you are looking away, focus on the spider again. Wait until the spider lights up – then you can tap it to send it back to its terrarium."
"Don't let the spider escape from the circle! Tap the screen, the spider will run away from your finger."
"Oh no, some spiders have escaped! Drag them into the jar using your finger and collect as many spiders as possible."
"A couple of spiders have escaped from the terrarium and are rappelling to the floor. Tap them to send them back to the terrarium. Don’t let them escape!"
"The spiders are hiding among other insects. Find and catch them by dragging them into the jar with your finger."
"The spiders are hungry. Use the cookies from the lunchbox to feed them. You can drag the cookies with your finger."