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The scientific opportunity for a paradigm shift in psychotherapy and clinical psychology

Structure and aim of PsyChange

The PsyChange Network is a collaborative project involving multiple departments of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (including foci on children, adolescents and adults), with its core group being located at the universities of Marburg, Frankfurt and Gießen in Germany. PsyChange has been established to address a fundamental paradigm shift in psychotherapy. This paradigm shift aims to foster the development of psychological interventions to an academic discipline, with its roots in psychological processes and its processes of change being defined beyond selective therapeutic approaches, but with general concepts of psychology. PsyChange aims at shaping the future of psychotherapy by 1) developing new paradigms of psychotherapy based on translational research, 2) contributing to an updated understanding of mental health problems in clinical science, 3) enhancing networking between researchers in basic research and psychotherapy research, 4) designing a process-based framework model of psychotherapy that integrates evidence-based mechanisms of change, 5) analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of current concepts and practice of research and training of psychotherapy at universities, 6) focusing on competences in psychotherapy training, and 7) facilitating the dissemination of evidence-based psychotherapy in mental health care.
Internationally outstanding centers of excellence and renowned experts in psychology and psychotherapy will be invited to provide new impulses, to serve as models for further developments and to establish close interdisciplinary collaborations. Experts are asked to participate in a semi-structured interview and to provide their opinion on the dimensions related to future paradigms in psychotherapy research and practice. Expert opinions are complemented with systematic literature analyses, and the publication of position papers will trigger further activities for public outreach.

Core group of researchers:

Philipps University Marburg (Profs. Hanna Christiansen, Stefan Hofmann, Christiane Pané-Farré, Winfried Rief, Dr. Anke Haberkamp, M.Sc. Max Berg), Goethe University Frankfurt (Profs. Ulrich Stangier, Regina Steil, Dr. Viktoria Ritter) and Justus-Liebig University Gießen (Profs. Christiane Hermann, Rudolf Stark, Julian Rubel, Christina Schwenk, M.Sc. Marcel Alexander Martin).


This project is funded by the Hessian Ministry of Science and Arts.